A Lesson in Lace

As we approach the end of summer, a number of Fall Trends are emerging.
One in particular is the lace/mesh trend. Popping up on runway's all over the world as well as in the streets...
If you've taken a look at any of the Fall accessories you will notice that shoes, bags, and even jewelry have bits of lace.
As always, incorporating trends into your everyday wardrobe keeps you on top. Lace is no different.
Incorporating lace into your wardrobe is easy as pie!
If you're a little fearful, start with small pieces.  Shoes with a little lace is always cute such as these to die for Louboutin's! 
Lace with an edge? Yes, Rebecca Minkoff's Laser Cut Lace print wallet is perfect for that subtle lacy lady. 
Turn up the sexy with lace dresses, take a page from Selena Gomez's book in this red lace Dolce & Gabbana frock.
Lace intimates are always in style. Try these from Elle Macpherson's Intimates line. Or, lace tights under solids on cooler days.
Remember, too much of a good thing... is a bad thing, over lace and you will look like your great aunt's curtains.

- The Concept Blog

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