A Lesson in Lace

As we approach the end of summer, a number of Fall Trends are emerging.
One in particular is the lace/mesh trend. Popping up on runway's all over the world as well as in the streets...


New Lengths

From micro mini's to maxi skirts, new lengths are on the horizon.
Last summer, all that anyone seemed to be wearing was maxi skirts and dresses.

Of course mini skirts are still popular,of course maxi skirts are still 'in'.
But after minis and maxi's become a faux pas what will we do? What will we wear? Should I bare my legs or cover them up? There is only one answer to this question... do both. The "Midi".
The mid length skirt has been around yes, but she is now in her prime time. Debuting on red carpets and fashion week, the midi has taken an official right turn into trendom.
 Cut: The Midi length varies. On the knee to just above the ankle, and everything in between.

- The Concept Blog

New Lengths are on the Horizon



The jumpsuit trend lives on! (yay)
As seen on & featured on our blog,
celebs like Miley Cyrus & Naomi Watts continue to wear them,
jump on the jumpsuit trend, wear them casual or dress them up for a sexy night out!
Our favorite jumpsuits.. after the jump..

- The Concept Blog


Bow Lowdown

 If you thought bows were only for cheerleaders and 5 year old girls, think again!
Bows are taking over Hollywood.
Here are 5 of our favorite bow looks, as seen on fashion icons and celebs!

- The Concept Blog

Kelly Osbourne from Fashion Police


In with the New, Out with the Overpriced !

Pretty Prints for Summer


To infinity... & beyond !

Latest trend circling the atmosphere? Galaxy.
Galaxy shorts, galaxy leggings, galaxy tops, galaxy prints, galaxy shoes, galaxy nails.
We're starting to see a pattern here. How do you do galaxy?

- The Concept Blog


Rings on Rings on Rings

Gold all in my rings


Hair Jewelry

Love that necklace, it'll look amazing with my fresh blowout


You're from the seventies, but I'm a nineties bitch!

What could possibly say 90's more than a lime green moto jacket?!


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