Outlet Malls

I know what you're thinking ... outlet malls? Really? Trust us, outlet malls can be a fashionistas dream!
Think of it as an amusement park for clothes.
Outlet malls sometimes get a bad rep, maybe you consider them to be a breeding ground for grandmothers and tourists..
and truth be told, sometimes they are.
Here's what you don't know, from A-Z outlet malls have your designers covered.
Balenciaga, Gucci, Saint Laurent, and Prada. Just a few magical brands housed by Premium Outlets.
OH, not to mention department store outlets like Barney's New York & Saks Fifth Avenue.
Now, doesn't that sound like a real amusement park?! Oops, forgot to mention the best part ... it's all discounted!
Yes! Designer bags, shoes, clothes and accessories at discounted prices!
Depending on the store and location, a fashionista can score some pretty major ensembles!
Many stores carry "made for outlet" merchandise, meaning you can't find it in the flagship stores, only outlets carry them.
Prime example, Michael Kors, the designer has his Runway Collection and Lifestyle Collection which splits in two.
The Lifestyle Collection has its Lifestyle store, and outlet lifestyle stores.
The outlet store has specially "made for outlet" merchandise, but sometimes carries Lifestyle Collection (normal store) in the outlets.
Seriously, that's two totally different collections from the same designer!
So many other designer brands do the exact same thing!
Fashionistas, shopping for designer items is always a hunt, outlet malls have made that just an teensy bit easier.

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