You're trying to hard

Why you shouldn't wear hooker heels at 9 am
Do you ever get that acid taste in your mouth when you see a woman or even a man, that is, to put it simply, trying to hard?
A definite belief of The Concept Blog, is that, effortlessly cool, I just got out of bed and I look amazing type of style.
Unfortunately, we can't all be Kate Moss.
We salute those brave souls who put on the daily, unrecommended, 10plus pounds of makeup.
We begrudgingly give you an A for effort. Only because its so plainly obvious that you actually tried.
But... Try as you might, you do not succeed.
You see when its 9am, and you decide to wear, what looks to be like a strippers, stripping outfit,
you're trying to hard.
Don't get me wrong.. you should absolutely put in effort when you plan an outfit,
but please, there is a time & place for everything.
That 9am, Ethics 101 class, is not the time for 6 inch heels and a mini dress.
Leave the the 6 inchers and mini dresses where they belong, with hookers and Courtney Stodden.
Keep it classy, and just a little bit sassy. Let your confidence be the proverbial mini dress.
Be cool and don't try so hard, at least don't look like you are.

- The Concept Blog



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