Little Black Dress

Do you know your way around the quintessential LBD?
In every woman's closet there are several clothing pieces that are an absolute must ! Today's concept is on the always classic, but oh so versatile, "Little Black Dress".
    The "LBD" seems to be the most popular of dresses, but when you actually look through you closet, is it there? Do you have one? Does it fit properly? Is it the right cut for your body? Probably not, BUT if all of the above is true, than you, my fearless fashionista are on the right track!

    If you don't have an LBD already or want to revamp yours, I recommend following the
"Dress Guideline." There are many different shapes and sizes, all women are different, and what fits Molly wont necessarily fit Samantha. The most common body types among women are: Hourglass, Pear, Slender, and Apple shaped. Some woman are taller, while others are more petite, no matter what your shape is, finding a dress that caters to YOUR body type will help you look and feel your absolute best!

    On that Note, there are so so so many different types of dresses, the " Dress Guideline", highlights all the different styles there are. Many of the dress styles look alike! But, the fit is different, you wont know what fits you best until you've tried them all ! 

The Little Black Dress, is so important because you can wear it so many different ways, and to many different occasions. The LBD is functional and fashionable, it can be dressed up or down, depending on the material and cut of course ! A cotton, asymmetrical LBD can be worn during the day, with a denim jacket and flats/sandals. That same cotton LBD can be paired with killer stilettos and a fierce clutch for a sexy night time look.

Remember: "One is never over or under dressed with a Little Black Dress." -Karl Lagerfeld

- The Concept Blog

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