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Rhianna has a new do!
The Stay songstress recently uploaded several pictures to her personal Instagram account showing off her new hair! The caption for this particular photo, " Gray is the new black! Blondies, it's quiet for y'all! #brrr"
Besides the strong vocals, RiRi is known for her super sexy style and killer hair.
These days Rhianna is rocking gorgeous black locks with streaks of gray.

RiRi is not the first to embrace the gray.
Stacy London, of TLC'S What Not to Wear has had her signature gray streak for years, since she was eleven years old! 
Maybe the style guru has inspired Miss Rhianna.
The former blond, always exudes confidence,
no matter what color dye job or what she's wearing( or lack there of).
While most women try and cover up their gray's, Rhianna is showing them off.
With more than 52,0000 likes on the photo, we want to know how many will follow suit & let the grays hang loose or do a similar dye job? Sound off below!

- The Concept Blog

Photo Courtesy of: Rhianna's personal Instagram account @badgalriri

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