Khroma Vs. Kroma

Who dares go against the Kardashians?
The Kardashians have an ever expanding empire, with fashion lines on QVC, the Kardashian Kollection in Sears Stores, and the successful Dash Boutiques. Their latest venture, into the beauty world.  Like every great marketing exec knows, consistency is key when branding, so when deciding what to name their beauty brand, the famous sisters choose Khroma, with their signature K.
As it turns out, there is another beauty brand with the name Kroma, that's when the legal battles started.
The Kardashians have lost the legal battle, and are now changing the name of their beauty line to Kardashian Beauty.
Khroma was sold in in Ulta and Cvs stores, they will be allowed to sell out the remainder of products, but new products will have the Kardashian Beauty stamp.

- The Concept Blog
Photos courtesy of Kardashian Beauty


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